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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Nanny

I don't know her name. 
She is Nanny. 
That is all she has been known as, Nanny.
 She has been Nanny for so long that she doesn't remember her name herself.

So... here's Nanny!

Nanny is devoted to her charges. 
She has been with the Corbeaux family since Mina was born. 
She is a quiet woman, content to stay in the background guarding her darlings.
 Nanny has been watching them as they grow and changing, 
quietly scaring away any threat that approaches.

{Nanny is a pencil and watercolor on paper portrait. She, too, will be available for purchase. I hope to continue adding the occasional hand drawn portraits to my collection of creepy faces.}

Monday, February 2, 2015

The Big Sister

(Actually, she would prefer that I refer to her as the older sister. 
Big sounds so...big.)

May I introduce Miss Mina Corbeaux. 

(Her first name is really Willamina but she thinks 'Mina' sounds so much more continental and mature.
 She's sixteen. 
Enough said.)

Mina is a sweet girl, ready to leave the nursery and enter the ballroom.
Where the twins take after their father, 
Mina most certainly takes after her dear Mama. 
Mina would like you to know that she is an acomplished young lady in the areas of 
watercolour, singing, needlepoint, spell-casting, and potion-making.

Please don't make her stay in the nursery with these children any longer!


Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Twins

Meet Gregory and Georgianna Corbeaux, five year old twins who take after their Papa.

 They are a rather solemn and serious pair or young vampires. 
Even when celebrating their fifth birthday! Their steady stare can be a tad disconcerting but they are so quiet that you eventually forget they are there.


They appreciate your stopping by. 
Really, they do. 
I think.